To make a car loan with an annual contract eligible for approval

It is possible to make a car loan with an annual contract eligible for approval. More and more employers are only offering temporary contracts to their employees. They are often the first step towards permanent employment. Nevertheless, the risks of the time limit are in the foreground for the credit institutions. What options exist, more on this in the article.

Car loan with annual contract – offers from vehicle manufacturers

Car loan with annual contract - offers from vehicle manufacturers

The car loan with an annual contract could be a three-way financing of the car dealership. As part of the numerous sales promotional loans, many car dealerships offer this financing model. The financing model is easily explained. The three-way financing, like every balloon loan, consists of the down payment, the current installments and the final installment. Current installment payments are generally low-interest.

With an annual contract, there are three ways of financing with a term of 12 months. There are three different options for the maturity of the final installment. If the employment contract is converted into a permanent employment relationship, further financing can be provided. The final installment becomes a new installment loan.

If life surprises with an “unexpected blessing of money”, it can of course also be replaced in one sum. If the employment contract does not become permanent employment at the end of the term, the third way is open. The vehicle may be returned to the dealer at the dealer purchase price. The loan is now done and no longer burdens the household budget.

Modesty when buying a vehicle

Modesty when buying a vehicle

Outside the financing channels of the car banks, there are of course also solutions that enable the vehicle to be bought. A modesty would be the modesty when choosing a vehicle. Nice cars are always offered. They are not rare, unique pieces, but mass-produced. If it is essential to buy a vehicle to keep the job, then a cheap used car should be able to bridge the period. Usable vehicles are available from around 1,500 USD in the vehicle trade.

That’s how many loan offers you get


This amount can be repaid within a few months as part of a small loan that is approved in the simplified examination procedure. A wonderful dream car is guaranteed to be available even if it makes creditworthiness easily affordable.

Convince with security

Convince with security

Sometimes it is just time to make a wish come true, even against external circumstances. The car loan with an annual contract should be implemented with all vigor. Single-handedly, without guarantors, the credit request leads to a financial service provider or credit broker. The request can be realized through a foreign or special loan. However, the financing costs for risk loans skyrocket. A detailed credit comparison is therefore urgently advisable.

Credit providers can be convinced by additional collateral. A solvent guarantor or co-applicant closes the credit gap for vehicle financing. Under these conditions, many different loan providers are eligible for the car loan with an annual contract. A comparison of interest rates on the Internet reduces the financing costs to the necessary interest level.

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