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Asensio joins Mendes in hopes of transferring teams

According to the Daily Mirror, Real Madrid midfielder Marco Asensio has replaced agent Jorge Mendes. Who hopes to leave the club at the end of the season.

         The 26-year-old has left his contract with “White King” until 2023 only, with the ufabet club expect to offer a new contract to the player. After this year’s performance was quite good, hitting 11 goals and 1 assist from playing. 11 all games

         However, despite playing all the time, he is not a continuous starter. Plus, often the real ones are often substitute off the field. This has raise concerns over the long-term future amid reports that several clubs are interest in Arsenal, Spurs and AC Milan.

         According to media reports, Asensio has made the decision to switch manager to Mendes’ guest firm. Which will move forward with a new club for the player this summer.

         Asensio has been at Real Madrid since 2015, making 230 appearances for the team, scoring 48 goals and providing 23 assists.

If Asensio renews his contract with the club. I do not see any way that he doesn’t end up leaving through the back door at some point. Right now, even with the criticism directed towards him, he leaves with some respect and with his head held high. In the future, with less playing time and taking up space on the books, I worry about the ending of his Real Madrid career.

Real Madrid aims to move forward and renewing Marco Asensio’s contract is a move in the opposite direction.