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Barcelona’s contract extension with Dembele

Barcelona‘s contract extension with Ousmane Dembele is unlikely to be complete as expect. Because the players are adamant about the wage they want.

Earlier it was report that the French forward was ready to extend a new contract with Azul Grana. And a picture of the ufabet club crest was poste on social media, making the news more likely to come true.

But the latest reports from Spain show that talks on Wednesday did not go as many parties had hoped. Causing the contract renewal may not occur

Reports say Barca have held talks with representatives of the 24-year-old, but the Spanish club have stated they are unable to pay Dembele’s demands and the France international is adamant about the wage he wants. making the situation seem more complicated and there is a chance that there will be no agreement

The matter, Fabrizio Romano said, was a result of Dembele’s attempts to measure Barca’s position on his own. Because if the club wants to stay true to themselves have to accept the offer that they claim If not. Then be prepared to wait until the end of your contract in mid-2022 before finding a new club.

The matter coincided with Barcelona’s signing of Ferran Torres, leading Dembele to believe the club had enough money to meet his demands.