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“Gareth Southgate” explains the reason for choosing the penalty shooter

England boss Gareth Southgate has said he takes responsibility for choosing the penalty taker. Until the team has to lose and lose the Euro 2020 championship in the end and reveal the reason for the decision. Which is something that fans are very suspicious of ufabet.

The roaring lion army lost to the “Azzurri” Italy team. In a 2-3 decisive penalty shootout after both teams tied in 120 minutes 1-1 in the final of the Euro 2020 soccer match on Sunday night, 11 July, the England team Painfully missed his first major trophy in 55 years at home.

The third race back at Marcus Rashford , Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka is a third person who commissioned the last penalty shot for the team. which everyone had killed all of them mistakenly causing the fans to have doubts and heavy doubts About Gareth Southgate‘s selection of penalty shooters, especially the decision for 19-year-old Saka to shoot the fifth goal, which is the goal that decides the destiny of the championship. Including sending Rashford and Sancho into the penalties in particular. This leaves them with little time and opportunity to adjust. including mental preparation with a game with such high pressure

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Recently, Gareth Southgate has already given an answer on the matter. After he was asked After this he will say something to Saka, the head coach of England said. “I will tell him It’s all because of me I chose the penalty shooter. Based on what we can do in training.”

“No one is alone. when we win We won together as a team. And we were all the reason why we didn’t win tonight. It was purely my decision. It’s because of me.”

“We needed to take off the two main penalty takers first, so we had to change the shooters a little bit. We follow the results they’ve done with the club. and what they have been able to do in training for a long time.”

“That process It has worked well for us both at Russia (World Cup 2018) and in the Nations League, but it didn’t work tonight.

“We prepared well and started well. Unfortunately, they were unable to make it through the end tonight. But my youngsters don’t have to sit and blame themselves that How have you practiced in the past? because they rehearsed well Until there is no way to do better than this,” Gareth Southgate said.

However, in addition to the fans who do not understand the decision. Football game analysts a legendary footballer including famous coaches There have also been heavy criticisms against the issue, including Roy Keane , Alan Shearer and Jose Mourinho.

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Keane and Mourinho both expressed their opinions in the same way without an appointment. Both of them blame the older shins. Much experience in the England national team that They shouldn’t let a young 19-year-old like Saka step out and take that crucial penalty.

“If you’re Raheem Sterling or Jack Grealish, then you shouldn’t sit still. and then let that young man take the penalty kick You can’t do that You can’t let a shy, 19-year-old boy take a penalty before you.”

“They have a lot more experience, and Sterling himself has won many trophies. They should have stepped up before their junior teammates. who is still young,” said Roy Keane on the list of the famous British media ITV .

However,  Jack Grealish recently explained via his personal Twitter that he had told Southgate that he wanted to take the penalty, but it was Southgate who made the decision.

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Mourinho similarly said via talksport : “In this oppressive situation, where have Raheem Sterling, John Stones or Luke Shaw gone? all together And why are players like Jordan Henderson or Kyle Walker not on the pitch?”

“I think Saka is too young to bear the pressure in a situation like this. But I really don’t understand I had to ask Gareth Southgate this question because a lot of times when things like this happened. There should be a suitable player involved in such a stressful situation, damn it I really feel sorry for him (Saka).”

In addition, the Portuguese coach also said that “In fact It was very difficult for both Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho, who had just arrived and had to take charge of the penalty shootout. after a few touches of the ball in the game.”

Which is in line with what Alan Shearer said as well. “It’s a very tough request for the two (Rashford and Sancho) to give them a few minutes on the pitch. and ask them to take charge of the penalty shootout.”

“It’s a huge pressure. when they barely touched the ball. It’s too much to ask. You need to prepare mentally. (to deal with the pressure and atmosphere of the game) but they are Haven’t touched the ball for several hours,” Shearer concluded.