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Norway Women’s Handball Players are Fined for Rejecting Bikini Uniforms

It became an issue in sports, Women’s Handball Players rights. When the army of beach handball Norway women’s national team Decided to wear tight athletic shorts instead of a bikini. Compete in the European Championships in Bulgaria last week

The incident occurred in their defeat to Spain in the bronze final. When the European Handball Federation (EHF) fined Norway 1,500 euros (about 58,000 baht) for inappropriate dress code.

“Norway’s trousers do not comply with the dress code rules set out in the International Handball Federation (EHF) beach handball rules,” an EHF statement said.

The Norwegian Handball Association has not been calm about the incident. Make a tweet to support the athletes of the nation immediately. With the message “The Norwegian Handball Association stands by and supports the athletes. We will join the fight to change the dress code. So that players can play the sport in the clothes that they feel most comfortable with.”

For this violation of the EHF rules, the Norwegian national team has expressed its intention and movement to allow changes in the women’s kit regulations in the sport. After the issue has been debated for many years that Wearing a bikini to competitions is outdate and derogatory to women.

which, based on the rules of the EHF, specifies in-depth details of female athletes: “Must wear a bikini that fits well and is concave up to the top of the thigh. The width of the pants on the side must not exceed 10 cm.This is too limiting. Compared to the men’s shorts rule, which simply states that “It must not be too loose, can be of length, but must be 10 centimeters above the knee.”