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“Wijnaldum” joins PSG wearing the number 18

Georginio Wijnaldum has unveiled his new Paris Saint-Germain shirt. wearing the number 18 shirt

Georginio Wijnaldum Wide Range of New Terminal Hub debut against Paris Saint Germain after formally agreed a move from Liverpool team without compensation before Euro 2020 kicks off.

PSG have confirmed that Wijnaldum, who has signed a three-year contract, will wear the number 18 shirt, previously the number of Italian striker Moise Kean. On loan from Everton last season

Wijnaldum said: “I’m out of contract and a number of clubs have come in.”

“When Paris came to talk to me everything is going well It immediately made me want to move to Paris.”

“Maurizio Pochettino has contacted me in the past. Trying to invite me to join the team to Spurs. So I have had the opportunity to talk to him quite a lot.”

“The whole club made me feel like they really wanted me to join the team. which plays an important role in decision making.”

“Winning championships is very important. That’s what we all want to accomplish as footballers. ”

“Paris wants to win. It’s a club that has made great progress over the years. This can be seen from playing the Champions League final. or qualified for the semi-finals last season.”

“I think the project here is great. We are building a team to achieve those goals.”

Vinaldum is one of PSG’s new players this summer, alongside Sergio Ramos, Ashraf Hakimi and Gianluigi Donnarumma, with only Hakimi joining. free team The rest move for free after the expiration of the contract with the old agency.