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5 Types of Thai sports of hope for the 2020 Olympic Games

Every time there is a competition Goals must be set, and the 2020 Olympic Games is the same. Thailand sent 41 athletes from 14 sports to participate. But this time, Thai fans may regret not being able to watch the recently passed weightlifting competition. The ban made the qualifier in time. This means that this year’s Olympic medal win has also decreased. Because since 2000, weightlifters can always take home a medal.

However, the Thai athletes still have athletes with extraordinary skills. Let Thai people have a chance to win and cheer them on to win Olympic medals. We will take a look at Thai athletes who have the opportunity to take home Olympic medals.

Shooting & Target Shooting 2020 Olympic Games

Let’s start with shooting and target shooting in this sport. olympic games were classified in the same category. And shooting targets with the name of Thailand’s number one sniper, “Nee” Suthiya Jewchalermmit. Who participated in the Olympics for the 4th time and was position to be the one who won medals almost every time. The best result is finishing 5th at the 2008 Olympics. Accuracy, not to mention, has climbed to No. 1 in the world. It depends on who will be more focused and calm this time, which “Suthiya” has a lot. Personal psychology helps with concentration and stress. This makes it very interesting to watch.

As for shooting, Naphatsawan Yangpaiboon 4 years ago unfortunately missed the Olympics in Brazil. But in this Olympics she returned with a great experience. From being the world champion in 2017 and the champion of Asia in 2019. If this Tokyo game is top form There may be a chance to win a coin to take home.

international boxing 2020 Olympic Games

Unfortunately for Thitisan, a strong rising star, who had an injury a few days before the race, had to withdraw. However, this Olympics is still led by Chatchaidecha Butdee at the age of 36, but still fully fit both physically and mentally. Ready to compete and aim for one of the medals in the 3rd Olympic Games in life on the ring while Sudaphon Sisorndee, 60 kg female boxer, former vice-champion of the year 2018, is ready to be a hope. She said she could fight with anyone. Despite the pressure, the past experience should give this female fist a chance to take home a medal. In the case of Baison Maneekon and Juthamas Jitrapong, it is considered a dark horse to watch. Depending on the result of the lottery, how much will you like?


Thai athletes who will start winning medals on the first day for Thai athletes are 2 kickers from Taekwondo Sports “Tennis” Panipak Wongpatanakit, Thai female taekwondo athletes, number 1 in the world in the 49 kg model. Ying and “Junior” Ramnarong Sawekwihari, a young man kicking the 58 kg male model who will compete on July 24 

The world’s number 1 kicker, Panipak Can be called the favorite to win a gold medal for Thailand Although 5 years ago it was unfortunately missed. This time, it’s not wrong to say that you can meet anyone. when the readiness and experience that has increased to the full hundred of the real Just hope that there will be no injuries from the first round. It was enough to make Panipak enter to win a gold medal.

As for “Junior” Ramnarong Sawekwihari, it is not an easy job to win deep into the final round. If measured at Ranking, it may be inferior to many people. But if you want to see the most fun kicking style I can tell you that you can’t miss this tank kicker. Accidentally, it may penetrate into the deep and win a coin to go home at all.


Prome Ariya Jutanugarn, a former world number one and two-time winner of the Women’s Golfer of the Year award at the Olympics four years ago, had to withdraw from the tournament because of an injury. Back in the Olympics this time, hoping to revenge again. And if nothing goes wrong, the program is definitely a favorite to win a coin. because the form is still hot This year, it has swept two LPGA championships, and this time also towed the rising star golfer “Pro Meow” Patti Papangkorn Thawatthanakij, the world’s 10th hand, the current Thai hand. who managed to win 1 major championship this year Believe that if both top form, chances of reaching the medal are high.


Another favorite sport for Thai people who have been chasing medals at the Olympics many times And in the Tokyo Games, once again, badminton has a high chance of winning a medal. Spreading out the list to watch this Olympics is not only Ratchanok Inthanon, the only person who is the only person who is the hope of Bas” Dechapol Puavaranukroh and “Po Por” Sapsiree Taerattanachai, the world’s second guide. in the doubles category that are classified as top form Runner-up of the World Championship 2019, Vice-Champion of All England And most recently, at the beginning of 2021, it managed to win 3 World Tour Super 1000 titles in our home for 3 weeks in a row, making it less likely to be successful if both Ratchanok and Bas-pop can play. according to their own form There is a chance to win any coin for sure.