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“Neymar” with a private helicopter

Neymar with a private helicopter. Became a picture with fans to press the heart to shake Instagram more than 5 million people ever for Neymar , the Brazilian national team superstar. Snapping a photo with a private helicopter while on vacation during the off-season, the

29-year-old posted the photo on Instagram, Neymar JR , with 155 million followers, without a caption other than a hand emoji. harmonize But the attention of the fans was overwhelming. from what is in the picture itself

The helicopter is owned by Mercedes. It is name H-145 in a black version. Because it was inspire by Batman, a superhero that Neymar especially like. At the end of the embroidery machine, the letters NJR, which stands for Neymar Junior, clearly indicates who owns it.

For this luxury helicopter Star player from Paris team Saint-Germain Purchase since 2019 with a price of 10.5 million pounds. Or about 480 million baht. And used to travel to visit the Brazilian national team’s training camp during the Copa America in the same year.