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Inter Milan have announced to sell Christian Eriksen

Inter Milan have announced they are ready to sell midfielder Christian Eriksen from the club in January. 2022, as players are ban from playing in Italy. Due to potentially life-threatening health issues.

Eric Jensen, cardiac arrest and sudden car field during play for the Danish national team in the Euro 2020 group stages that Team Finland on 11 June last and even the Phoenicians night sane and secure. But still have to wear a pacemaker.

As a rule of Serie A ‘s will not allow players to wear a pacemaker into the professional ufabet game. Unlike other leagues that allow if fitness can be restore.

Although the cardiac arrest is report to be temporary , Eriksen was able to remove the pacemaker. But having to go through a six- month trial that means he won’t be able to play for Inter Milan until February 2022. 

So the team chose which way to go with the Danes players. Earn money to support the organization and reduce salary expenses.

Erik Jensen

” According to the medical records of Erik Jensen was note that the serious problems face by the tournament Championship of Europe on Jun . A . 2021,” the communique stated.

“ He has been temporarily suspend from his involvement. With the club this season. In accordance with the medical provisions of the Italian Ministry of Health concerning sports activities. ” 

“ Due to the current status quo, players are not permit to engage in sporting activities to gain fitness on the Italian soil. However, the same may be allow in other nations to allow athletes to develop their physical potential to be ready for competition again. ” 

Eric Jensen transfer from Tottenham in early 2020. Also has a contract with the army ‘ Python ‘ till the year 2024  is expect to be release on the cheap. Or may even cancel the contract in the event of an agreement  

As expected, the next station of the Rings May Return Coop ‘ Spurs ‘, Brighton , a club in the Middle East or Ajax ‘s camp, children, old movies because he had overseen a troubled heart of Daly ‘s. Lind has come