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Juventus beat Spezia 3-2

Juventus have already won their first game in Serie A this season. When the invasion to beat Spezia 3-2,

the Italian Serie A football match between Spezia, ranked 12th of the table, opened the Stadio Alberto Picco to receive the visit of “Zebra”.  Juventus,   18th

in the Spezia table , have adjusted two players behind Erlich, who is not named in the match, having to be Hristov in charge, while Burabia’s midfield has started instead. Sala,

on the side of Juventus, adjusted the left-back to use De Gigno, and the attacker had Chiesa in the starting line, while the forward Keane was given the opportunity to start

the first half in the 28th minute of Juventus. The goal took the lead 1-0 from the moment that Adrien Rabiot returned the ball to Moise, brought the ball to the front of the penalty area before hitting it with the right. The ball hit the second post beautifully.

Then in the 33rd minute, Spezia equalized to 1-1 from Emmanuel Guiazi before finishing the first half with this score. In the

second half, in the 49th minute, Spezia turned up to lead 2-1 from Ya. Nis Antiste, but in the 66th minute, Juventus equalized 2-2 from a shot in the penalty area of ​​Federico Chiesa

until the 72nd minute, Juventus took a 3-2 lead when Matthijs de Ligt fired a decisive shot from right into the box that

ended Juventus’ 3-2 win over Spezia in their first league game of the season. Ready to score points to escape the relegation zone successfully